About Suzy Miller: Professional Speaker

After gaining world-wide positive press coverage for creating the 1st UK Divorce Fairs, and collaborating with the Ministry Of Justice in promoting mediation and non-adversarial divorce to the British public, Suzy Miller has created her unique role as the UK’s Alternative Divorce Guide, appearing on The Vanessa Show, BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour, featured on BBC Breakfast TV and the national press.


Suzy is on a mission to enlighten employees of companies on how to simply direct their colleagues away from the common causes of a nasty divorce, where the stress of family breakdown leads to misery not just for individuals, but also damages the bottom-line of the companies as a whole.


BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour 1 September 2014: Suzy Miller interviewed by Jane Garvey about staying friends with the Ex and his new wife. Click here to listen:

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