Divorce First Aid for Employees

“Companies should intervene and help employees going through marital break ups to prevent them ‘crashing out’ of work and ending up on benefits, Iain Duncan Smith has said.”  (The Telegraph 8 Nov 2014)


Let me inspire your workforce
to know the simple information they need
to keep themselves and their colleagues
away from an unnecessarily stressful divorce

– and where to go for help (not just to lawyers!)

(Suzy Miller, Alternative Divorce Guide, Public Speaker)



BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour 1 September 2014: Suzy Miller interviewed by Jane Garvey about staying friends with the Ex and his new wife. Click here to listen:

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Family breakup and divorce has significant health consequences both physically and emotionally, and therefore it is vital that co-workers and managers have a basic understanding on how to deliver “First Aid” in the form of guidance, access to resources, and a non-judgemental approach.

Divorce-related stress is made far worse by the situation becoming adversarial, and the financial strains and sometimes separation from the children can lead to difficult behaviour, absenteeism and self destructive behaviour in employees who are affected.

Divorced men are twice as likely to attempt suicide than married men.  In the UK, between 15,000 and 20,000 couples go to court to resolve child access disputes each year. In a survey by Mischon de Reya, one in five parents admitted their primary objective was to make the experience ‘as unpleasant as possible’ for their former spouse, even when they knew that this made things worse for their kids.

I  deliver the talk in my role as the UK’s Alternative Divorce Guide: I collaborate with the Ministry of Justice in promoting mediation as the preferable route through divorce, and I write regularly on healthy co-parenting and better ways to divorce for national magazines, Huffington Post and the Daily Mail.

My objective is to take the fear out of talking about Divorce and family separation, and to inspire employees to offer healthy guidance to their fellow colleagues (and family and friends) that will keep their family-change out of the courts.

The talk I provide is humorous, packed with key information but mostly, it helps people to let go of the idea that a nasty divorce is ‘normal’, and inspires them to see better ways of navigating changes of family form.

The result is a reduction in stress-related absenteeism caused by family breakup and a more emotionally intelligent workforce.



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Stress is now the number 1 reason for absenteeism at work

The court made it clear that if an employee tells her employer she is suffering from stress and cannot cope, it is not an adequate response merely to tell her to seek counselling.”  (Personnel Today 2008)

An employee from O2 was awarded in excess of £100.000 in compensation because she was too stressed in her work and the company did not take quick enough action.  Duty of care must be demonstrated.

As part of the existing wellbeing provision that you offer your employees, at no charge to your company, you can add in something unique and valuable that I believe will have a significant impact on reducing the continuing rise in employee stress related absence and mental illness suffered by many companies in the UK.

Divorce impacts heavily on the workplace because it increases financial pressures, emotional turmoil, and absence rates in employees – and this impacts directly on the company’s bottom line.

Traditional EAPs are not always targeted at specific life crises like divorce and family breakup, and employees often do not access them because they need a private resource that is not under the auspices of their company.

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Divorce First Aid Training for Employees


DivorceFirstAidLogo, alternative divorce guide, how to divorce amicably, online divorce advice, avoid adversarial divorce lawyers,

Temperature of their divorce too high?

How to help your work colleagues to avoid a nasty divorce.




dreamstimeextrasmall_26196107Want to be supportive to your colleagues – but it’s all getting too much?

Simple ways to help them to rebuild their confidence and where the best resources can be found.


PLASTERSIs the wounding of the breakup making their divorce turn nasty?

You don’t need to see ‘a broken family’:  You can help your colleagues to have an ‘extended’ family instead.



 Recent press and media coverage:


BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour 1 September 2014: Suzy Miller interviewed by Jane Garvey about staying friends with the Ex and his new wife. Click here to listen:


Daily Mail FeMail feature 20 August 2014: on Suzy Miller, written by Suzy Miller, about staying friends with the Ex.  Read article here……


Huffington Post UK: Contributed to article 8 October 2014 “How To Regain Confidence After Divorce Like Beyoncé’s Mum, Tina Knowles”

BBC Radio Sussex & Surrey 22 April 2014: Expert comment from Alternative Divorce Guide Suzy Miller

Radio Croydon Sonia Thomas Show 6 April 2014: Special guest Suzy Miller Alternative Divorce Guide

BBC 3 Counties Radio: Expert comment from Alternative Divorce Guide Suzy Miller


Ect Magazine Jan 2014  Surrey and Horsham editions p84-85

Alternative Divorce Guide Suzy Miller is featured in the January 2014 Sussex edition and the Horsham edition of ETC Magazine:

Read the article here:  (pdf download) ETC Magazine Jan 14


Blog Talk Radio: IV Suzy Miller

BBC Radio Sussex & Surrey 22 July 2013

BBC Radio Sussex & Surrey 2 April 2013

BBC 3 Counties Radio 22 Feb 2013

Bella Magazine 12 Feb 2013


Daily Mail 16 Aug 2012


Woman’s Weekly 3 July 2012 After Divorce


You Magazine The Mail on Sunday 8 April 2012

The Ex-Best thing (staying friends with the Ex)



Reduce stress related absence and loss of productivity – at no cost:

We can provide Alternative Divorce First Aid stay-out-of-court resource packs to your employees at no charge to them or to your company.

If you would like to give your employees access to free 1-1 advice from legal, financial, debt, parenting and other experts (A Divorce First Aid Information Pack), then please contact Suzy@alternativedivorceguide.com.


The downloadable resource can include:

  • A clear ‘to do’ list that deals with the basic practicalities of divorce and breakup
  • Some key FAQs answered in plain English with links to further information
  • RED ALERTS: common mistakes you will want to avoid
  • Videos of ‘shared stories’ from others who have been on the same journey


The Information Pack also contains 5 Videos of common Divorce Myths – Busted!

  • how to avoid adversarial lawyers
  • how to protect your children (and yourselves!) from the toxic effects of a divorce turned nasty
  • how to use this experience as a catalyst for amazing change


The Law clearly states: “a duty exists for all employers to undertake an adequate risk assessment …… this is in addition to employers general duty of care required by Section 2 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974″

Our Mission: Through encouraging stay out of court divorce, we believe that a broken family can be changed into an extended family, and that the Alternative Divorce Guide First Aid Information Pack provides the information and the inspiration to make that possible.


Sam_Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 19.26

“I can honestly say it is my lifeline, and has been for the last three weeks….”
Sam Wilson talking about Divorce in a Box – See the Video of Sam talking about how the Divorce in a Box product has revolutionized her experience of divorce Click Here


Contact Suzy Miller to arrange for your company to receive a voucher code allowing free access to the resources to your employees, or a bespoke resource pack created to suit your requirements: Suzy@AlternativeDivorceGuide.com


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